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Event Archive - 2020

The year of COVID-19. After just one in-person bike race on Oahu, COVID-19 hit the islands and lockdowns wiped out the rest of the calendar. Fortunately we were able to pull off a few virtual challenges.

  • Date: Saturday 2/22/2020
  • Location: Makaha (Oahu)
  • Organizer: Hawaii Triathlon Center
  • Date: Saturday 3/6/2021
  • Location: Kailua (Oahu)
  • Organizer: Outta Bounds

Kapolei in May TT

  • Date: 4/30/2020
  • Location: Kapolei (Oahu)
  • Organizer: Outta Bounds
  • Date: Saturday 6/20/2020
  • Location: Haleiwa (Oahu)
  • Organizer: Outta Bounds
  • Date: Saturday 8/29/2020
  • Location: Hawaii Kai (Oahu)
  • Organizer: Outta Bounds


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